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Civil Litigation

When facing a legal issue in a business dispute, you need a lawyer to guide you through the intricacies of the legal system—someone with the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to provide competent and compelling representation.

Lawrence A. Strid of the Law Offices of Lawrence A. Strid has successfully represented the interests of clients in business and commercial-related disputes throughout Southern California for over 31 years.

Lawrence A. Strid combines staunch professional and ethical standards with his commitment to personalized attention and service, providing clients with an unparalleled level of representation. Common types of business and commercial cases would include the following:

Collection Cases: These may be generally defined as a legal claim based upon a promissory note or a revolving credit account, wherein the amount claimed due is usually not in dispute (but not always). These law offices represent both plaintiffs and defendants in such matters.

Business Formation Disputes: Many people end up in disputes with fellow partners, co-venturers, or shareholders in disputes related to the operation and/or income of a business concern, and which are often complicated due to the absence of a properly drafted contract or partnership agreement on the front end of the business operation.

Enforcement of Judgments: The old days of debtor’s prison are long-since gone, and a judgment is not the equivalent of a court order that the judgment debtor must give the judgment creditor a check. Creativity and tenacity are required to collect a delinquent judgment, and the full array of judgment enforcement tools that a diligent legal practitioner should consider include bank levies, wage garnishment, real and personal property liens, attachment, and judgment debtor examination under oath.

Real Property Litigation: Common cases include homeowner’s association problems, homeowner vs. contractor disputes following remodeling or construction projects, the imposition or extinguishment of mechanic’s liens, breach of contract arising out of a sale of property, commercial unlawful detainer, landlord-tenant disputes, partition actions when co-owners cannot agree on the sale or management of a given property, slander of title when a property owner’s title is wrongfully clouded or subjected to an illegal lien, and construction defects.


Litigation Abuse: Malicious prosecution, abuse of process, or a special motion to strike (anti-SLAPP motion) under Code of Civil Procedure section 425.16 may be available if you have been the victim of malicious or baseless legal proceedings.

Legal Malpractice: If an attorney fails to adhere to the standard of care that other legal practitioners in the community follow, then the aggrieved client may have legal recourse if they have sustained financial damage due to the attorney’s malpractice. A legal malpractice case is usually a “case within a case” – if the client lost a meritorious case or defense due to their attorney’s negligence, then there may be grounds for a legal malpractice action

Related problems with attorneys can include fee disputes, the arbitration of which can be imposed upon the attorney by the client per the requirements of the State Bar.

As a general rule, the State Bar will not become involved in garden variety claims for legal malpractice against an attorney, unless the act or omission of the attorney rises to the level of a breach of fiduciary duty, such as embezzlement of client funds or fraud. It is therefore a mistake for an aggrieved client to expect the State Bar to remedy a legal malpractice claim on their behalf against a former attorney who has been guilty of nothing more than ordinary negligence.

The Law Offices of Lawrence A. Strid is an Irvine, California law firm that represents clients throughout Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, and South County in Southern California, including Laguna Hills, Aliso Viejo, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, Rancho Santo Margarita, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, and the surrounding areas.

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